The Days of the Week
The Days of the Week fiction stories

shygirl okay at writing + poems are nice
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The days of the week personified.

The Days of the Week

Sunday: She is always dressed in all white dresses. She has perfect ivory skin and long platinum hair. She is small and frail like a nymph. She is full of childhood wonder and innocence. There is always a white dove on her shoulder.

Monday: He is always wearing overalls and a grimy t-shirt underneath. He has rough, tan skin and short brown hair. He is tall, broad, and strong. He’s filled with determination and a will to work hard. There is always a cow by his side.

Tuesday: He is always dressed in a button down and all black. He has a pale complexion and shaggy ebony hair. He has a small, feminine frame. He is quiet and stoic and it makes him feel like tangible stillness. There is always a mouse in his shirt pocket.

Wednesday: She is always dressed in many layers all in different shades of emerald green. She has beautiful dark skin and long raven hair in tight coils. She is petite yet strong. She is playful and impish but still serious. There is always a grasshopper encased in her hands.

Thursday: He is always wearing a sweater and completely dressed in some tone of grey. He has olive skin littered with freckles and medium length copper hair. He has a long and thin body. He is intelligent and calculating with a hopeful air around him. There is always a goldfish in a bowl safely wrapped in his arms.

Friday: She is always dressed all in royal purple and skirts with silver trim. She has glowy beige skin and bobbed honey blonde hair. She has a short and curvy body. She is free-spirited and carefree. There is always a dog by her side.

Saturday: He always wears blue pajamas. He has soft porcelain skin and a body that is average for a young man in every way. He is contempt and feels nostalgic like Saturday morning cartoons. He always has a cat by his side.

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