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shygirl okay at writing + poems are nice
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A narrative of a person with depression. Highlights the strength every day takes.


I wake up. I feel more exhausted and empty than when I went to bed last night. I feel like I will never be able to move again, so I lay still and let a silent stream of tears flow down my face.

But eventually I wipe away my sadness and drag myself out of the bedroom.

I get to the kitchen. I'm not hungry even though I didn’t eat yesterday. Eating is important, so I brew a cup of tea and throw some bread in the toaster.

Even this simple task makes me feel how weak my body is. When everything is ready I force myself to take a few mouthfuls of breakfast and then choke them down.

I go into the bathroom. My face is splotched with red and my eyes are puffy from crying so often lately. I cry a little more, just like earlier.

I contemplate dealing with the day as I brush my teeth. But I force myself to put up my hair and keep moving.

Back in the bedroom. I put on the first clean articles of clothing I touch. As long as I’m comfortable today it doesn’t matter what I look like. Every inch of my body wails with weariness.

Still I trudge on into the kitchen.

I grab my keys off the counter. I slip on my shoes. I bundle in my jacket. I grab my phone and drop it in my pocket. Then I face the rest of the day with an exhausting fake smile.

I get home. I take off my shoes, jacket, and false expression. I finally let my body scream in agony as loudly as it pleases. The steady faucet of quiet tears begins to flow once again.

I crawl back into the safety of my bed and try to rest.

I’m going to need my strength for tomorrow.

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