She is my Innocence
She is my Innocence descripton stories

shygirl okay at writing + poems are nice
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A poem describing what I think my inner innocence looks like.

She is my Innocence

Silk hair that falls in soft, bouncy ringlets. Somehow each strand is the shade of a trapped ray of golden sun. Doe eyes that are the sweetest hot chocolate colour.

They capture every tiny glimmer of light and throw it back out almost seeming brighter. Spheres for cheeks that are full and healthy. Each one a gentle faded and fleshy rose shade on the apples.

It is like they are in the middle of a constant faint flush. Porcelain skin the colour of an ivory piano key. Not a blemish for miles.

The only types of marks upon it are the light dusting of faded, speckley freckles across the button nose and the tops of the cheeks. Floral lips that are small and full.

They are the same pale rosy pink as the cheeks. They are in a constant sweet and subtle close-mouthed smile. She is my innocence.

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