She Gives Too Much
She Gives Too Much
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shygirl okay at writing + poems are nice
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Story of a girl who gives herself away even though she isn't whole herself.

She Gives Too Much

by shygirl

She gives and gives to people that are already mostly whole. She becomes slighter and slighter with every time she gives more of herself away.

She's running out of bits to hand out but somehow she always manages to find more. This isn't the problem though.

Because giving bits of herself to someone who needs something even if it's small makes her feel like she's worth something. Even if they never even thank her.

The problem is when she gets home at night and rests her aching self all she can do is look at how torn apart she has become from giving and giving and never getting even a thank you back.

Huge chunks and hunks are gone. Pieces that made her grin and laugh. All gone to make someone more whole. They will never know she is only a fraction of what she once was.

They will never know that the girl who gave so many parts of herself for the benefit of others sits alone at night and feels the holes in her ache sometimes all she feels is empty.

But the next morning she never fails to put on a brave face and continue fading away as she makes others bolder. All she needs is a tiny bit to be given back.

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