Resilient Hearts
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shygirlokay at writing + poems are nice
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Poem about hearts and how they can be broken.

Resilient Hearts

by shygirl

Pumping, thumping, sometimes jumping. It keeps us all alive. It resides in the dark damp carverns of our rib cages. Hiding so it can stay safe.

But it's not always physical threats from the too bright, too loud, and scary outside that the heart should fear most.

Sometimes the things that do the most damage aren't physical in the slightest. They can be a set of poison words snaking from a knarled throat or even a simple and sweet word like goodbye.

And other times the threats aren't from the outside at all. But from in the owner of the heart's brain that spew black and noxious thoughts that can break it just as easily.

So really no matter how well hidden and protected a heart is it's always in constant danger of being shattered into millions of fragments.

And because of how threatened it is when a heart is broken it is resilient. It can keep pumping and thumping and sometimes jumping even if it's scarred. Which really is a brilliant thing.

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