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shygirlKinda shy better writer than talker
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Narrative poem about numbness.


by shygirl

I feel nothing. It takes me by the hand and gently welcomes me.

My face is nothing but blank. It whispers sweet nothings to me.

You would think I would feel something but happiness, sadness, even pain evades my grasp. It hides every one in a blanket.

Sometimes I only know I'm still alive when I bleed. But what does that even matter? What does any of this matter? It repeats this to me so kindly.

Even when I'm drowning with stones tied to my feet, water rushing in my lungs I still feel empty. Not even a fear of nothingness. It encourages my fearlessness and to avoid lifeguards.

Sleep, I'm always asleep even when I'm awake. Sleep is the only thing that makes me still feel normal. It comforts me and visits even in my dreams.

I am completely empty and unfeeling. The numb is all I have left.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
4 months agoReply
This was well written and highly descriptive of both the emotional and physical numbness in life. Great post!!!!