New Shoes
New Shoes daily-prompt stories
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shygirlokay at writing + poems are nice
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Story of someone getting rid of old shoes and replacing them with new ones.

New Shoes

by shygirl

My old shoes were great. With perfectly broken in everything. The laces are tattered and stained muddy grey where they were once white.

The souls are separating from the rubbery white ring that is now caked with mud. The souls are worn completely smooth where there was once an intricate pattern.

The black canvas is faded and getting full of holes. The once tan inside is stained a brown so dark that it's almost black. But I had so many memories and moments in them.

My first kiss, a summer with friends, getting my liscense, deciding things about my future, plenty of concerts, walks in the woods, and even stupid things like walking down school halls.

But they have to go so I gingerly place them in the trash. Then I turn and open the box to my new pair. It's an exact replica of the last.

These new shoes will eventually be worn with moments and filled with memories just like the old as well.

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