In the Darkness
In the Darkness  darkness stories

shygirl okay at writing + poems are nice
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Short narrative of someone on a roof at night.

In the Darkness

by shygirl

The inky black is absolutely gorgeous. It's the most comforting thing I've observed in a month.

As I sit under the night sky all alone all I can think about is how people always admire the stars but never the navy tinted black that allows them to be seen in the first place.

The rough shingles of the roof I'm sitting on remind me I'm not floating in nothingness.

The dark is not only misunderstood and under appreciated but also mysterious and poetic. It is peaceful and reassuring to me as I get lost in thought alone on my roof at 3 A.M.

And the beautiful darkness will visit me once again when I shut my eyes and drift to sleep.

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