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Short story about space travelers stealing a piece of a star.


by shygirl

"We shouldn't be doing this."

"I know."

The star is so tempting. It was a law that no one could take pieces of stars anymore. But this star was special. It was the star that helped along the birth of the human race.

"It's so lovely."


The moment feels almost poetic. Our energy of nervousness and excitement is almost as radiant as the burning ball of gas itself.

I pulled out the special canister. It's the only thing in the universe that's strong enough to contain a bit of a star. Then I gingerly scooped the plasma into it.

"Be careful."

"I will."

The heat and light coming from inside the container was so powerful. I engaged the light blocking mode on the tube to help conceal the fragment of space and maybe even time.

"Now what?"

"We leave and get as far away as we can as fast as possible."

I shoved the container into the inside of my shirt. It burns like a million flames dancing across my skin.

Our secret was big and dangerous. We will never escape it for as long as we hold this forbidden trophy.

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Nice job. I like the sci-fi/surrealism themes of the story.

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Beautifully descriptive., Great imagination and charm were written into this story. I loved it. Great post!!!!!