Don't Cry
Don't Cry  daily-prompt stories
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shygirl okay at writing + poems are nice
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Poem about how some people have been pressured by society to think it's not okay to cry.

Don't Cry

by shygirl

Don't cry. You don't have a proper reason. It's just a little scrape on your knee and bruise on your hand.

Don't cry. It's just a little needle. To make the pain a little more numb. You probably won't even need a bandage.

Don't cry. It was just a dog. It was old anyway. It was its time to go.

Don't cry. Everyone is counting on you to be their rock. They need you to be strong.

Don't cry. He was just a stupid boy. He isn't worth your tears and wasn't worth your time.

Don't cry because you're stronger than you know.

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