was it luck?
was it luck? luck stories
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shutupdevidk what i'm doing tbh
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was it just luck? or something more?

was it luck?

by shutupdev

was luck the reason i decided to apply to that cafe?

or was it luck that you just so happened to work there too?

was i just lucky when i made you laugh for the first time?

and your eyes lit up and i realized that it was the most beautiful thing i'd seen that day.

was it just luck the day i kissed you?

when i laughed so loudly afterwards because i saw that you had your eyes open the whole time. it was your first kiss.

or perhaps the luckiest thing to come of it all

the day you told me it was nothing. none of it.

the day you shattered my heart the way the boys before you had tried, but never quite achieved.

the day i began to feel everything so deeply and carelessly.

the day i felt my heart begin to carry a weight i wasn't prepared to carry.

the day i began to write.

So here's to you or the luck that brought us together.

thank you for inspiring me to write everyday. thank you for giving me purpose. thank you for showing me what true sadness feels like.

without you, i would've never written my first word.

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