The Super Villain Factory By Shubhkarman Singh Sandhu
The Super Villain Factory 

By Shubhkarman Singh Sandhu fan fic stories

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Fourth chapter of an epic crossover from various universes.

The Super Villain Factory By Shubhkarman Singh Sandhu

Chapter IV

"What do we do?" asked Eddie. "We fight" replied Wade Wilson. "Just the two of us?" asked Venom.

They all went to Wade's home. "Al, you there?" shouted Wade. Their question was answered by a loud snore.

Wade reached for his computer and phone and began doing something.

After 15 minutes, he said "There's good and bad news" "Just talk" Eddie said "The bad news is that the Avengers have broken up, Spiderman is on a trip to Europe,

Thor is in space-" "-I have watched, Endgame" "You have?" "Yes and can we come to the point" "Okay so our team consists of three people"

"Me, you and Venom" "No! You don't even have powers. It's Venom who does the job" "Fine, who this new guy"

"It's Domino, the woman who's power is being lucky" "Is that a power? How does that even work?" "I don't know but it works"

For a full minute they remained silent. "Does that Dopinder guy also get to come" asked Venom "Well he gives a free ride" replied Wade.

"We need more people, man!" said Eddie. At that moment Wade's phone buzzed. "God! Domino backed out" exclaimed Wade while looking at his phone.

"Let's call the cops" he continued "What no!" yelled Eddie. "What else can we do?" "Wait I know some people" "We are NOT calling D.C. I cannot do a double role" "Who said D.C. ?"

"I got something better" "Superpower?"

"He goes to a bar and kills three people with a pencil"

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