The Fourth Dimension Travelogue By Shubhkarman Singh Sandhu
The Fourth Dimension Travelogue

By Shubhkarman Singh Sandhu fiction stories
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The time when I play hide 'n' seek time

The Fourth Dimension Travelogue By Shubhkarman Singh Sandhu

Chapter I

As soon as I boarded the train, I began writing a letter to my sister. I had sold everything I had and was on my way to Arizona. Out there an auction was taking place.

But it wasn't any ordinary auction, where the bidders would bid for paintings and other items, this was a bidding of a time machine. With 20 billion in a briefcase, I was ready for the auction.

Well it was the best option only to get mom and dad back. The train stopped. We had arrived. I got off and put the letter to my sister, in the mailbox present on the station.

I found a station wagon. I took a crumbled piece of paper from my pocket saying the address and handed it to the driver.

He looked mysteriously at me for a couple of seconds and then agreed to take me there. This was the only way to get them back.

It was a large auditorium in the middle of nowhere. I stepped inside. The time machine was placed neatly in large glass box.

The time machine was sort of a capsule with six spider like legs serving as a stand. Least a thousand people wished to go back or forwards in time. I studied the place and revised the plan.

I was ready for action. I ran towards the machine and flung my briefcase with money towards it. The glass shattered and the time machine was now exposed. The security guys were also on the run.

I went towards the time machine and opened its door. I then stepped inside the time machine and shut the door behind me. I could hear shouts outsides and footstep closing.

I quickly read the buttons and pressed a coupled of them. The shouts now got louder and the footsteps became loud thuds. This was it. I would either get my mum and dad back or die.

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