World a better place.

World a better place. #world #better #place #commaful #writing #eye #open #poor #rich stories

shubhamchaudha2 Pouring emotions on paper.
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This is an eye opener to privileged and adult to make world alright.

World a better place.

Eyes are full of tear, and heart is filled with fear. Hands shake as I write, No one in world is ready to hear.

Walk around, see the mess we are in I'm rich, you're poor. Don't you feel chargin.

As a child you taught us to be good and right, Grown up, all your rules are out of sight. Now we are angry and fist are tight, Time is passing, make things alright.

Don't fight for throne, At some time all of it be gone, But this sure will make you alone, Please my friend do some good and you'll be known.

Are you deaf or refuse to hear those screams, Of hungry and Poor's with dying dreams. Dumb can't you understand the thing, Our world is dying, it's time to be a team.

Talk to poor, reality they'll show, They are dying and still your houses glow. Nights are full of mournful woe, Don't they shatter, your heart cold as snow.

Understand and don't pretend, Don't break the world, if can't append. Future of millions on present depends, Alone, so what, everything you can fend.

Aim is simple to make a better place, We can enjoy, coming generations can embrace. All must be hurrying, everyone should be in this race. Clear out all mess, harmony we shall retrace.

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