Troubling Thoughts
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A girl is stuck with a bad thought. This is her conversation with it.

Troubling Thoughts

I thought of something

That was very troubling

Swirling through my head

Unable to get it out.

“Your nothing,” the thought said. “You have no purpose in life.”

So, I let it be. Believing it, letting it cover me in grief.

‘Till one day. “No!” I said to it. “I have a purpose and I am something.”

“No,” the thought replied, “you are nothing, why do you think no one likes you?”

“No!” I shouted at it. “You just fill up my head with lies!”

“Really? Is it really lies or is it just something you don’t want to hear?”

“You liar!” I screamed at the evil thought. “Maybe not everybody likes me but others do. In fact, they LOVE me!”

The thought just laughed. “Why do you think you are thinking of me? You believe everything the bullies say to you. Don’t you?”

“Stop it!” I screamed. “They might think it but I don’t!”

“You're just lying to yourself now,” said the thought calmly. “You are thinking of me, the one you call ‘evil thought’.”

I muttered some words under my breath. “Curses,” I said under my breath. “Curses.”

Then, I filled all my mind with good things and memories.

Magically the evil thought went away. I smiled. “Serves you right!”

I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to like and comment! ❤️Shrumplings

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