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NEW STORY! @Shriya_ss

Hi everyone! This is a new story I have written and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Hi everyone! This is a new story I have written and I hope you guys enjoy it! Also, the other book, Edina and the Dragon (Or something - I don't even remember XD) Will not be continued for some time, I will be focusing on this now. Here goes nothing!

Prologue: Olivia Johnston walked out onto the cold floor and looked around. The cell was dark and grimy. There was one cot, a small shawl, and a bathroom. She knew what had happened, and she regretted it deeply. She was wearing the orange jumpsuit and had her long blond hair up in a bun.

She sat on the cot and could swear she saw something move in the corner of the room, but she was too sad to pay any attention to it. She thought about her past, and how her life had been. She thought about her husband, Richard, who had died the year before, and her two children, Ava and Thomas. They were innocent and cared for everyone.

She blamed herself for all the trouble she had caused them. She was different then what her kids saw, and she was the reason for so many bad things that happened in the last year. Now, she was behind bars. Caught in her act, trying to help her country. She was no normal mom. She worked for the CIA.

She was an undercover field agent and only a handful of people knew her that way. She got up and faced the wall. She needed out. She thought only about her kids and fought back tears while trying to find a way to get out, and then she heard it. “Hello.” A gruff voice called behind her.

She whipped her head around, a grave mistake. With a click of the trigger, Olivia Johnston was gone, and the cloaked man walked out of the building. The job was done.

That was the story! I am currently writing Chapter 1, so that will come out soon! Hope you liked it!! Thanks, Bye!

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