That Moment Of My Life Part-2
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That moment of my life!

By: Shriya Sudhakar

That Moment Of My Life Part-2

by Shriya Sudhakar

If you haven't read what I wrote in part-1 then go check that out and then read this book. Thank you.

Then I reached school. I was frightened because many kids were walking to their classes. Then suddenly one aunty came who guided me to my class and introduced me to my teacher.

I wasn't scared to go with that aunty because I trusted her and she looked like she cared for me. I saw my teacher and she smiled at me, and I was very timid and turned away from my teacher and hugged the aunt who brought me here.

I looked at my classmates and there were many of them. I went to a corner and sat alone. One girl came up to me and asked me if she could play with me. I looked at my teacher and then my teacher nodded at me so then I went and played with her.

That's it for today friends. If you want a Part-3 comment down below. Bye friends.

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