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my idea for the anticipated movie .


this portal opened out of nowhere and merged universes into one.

Tobey: yum

what is that in the sky.

i better suit up.

Andrew: time to head home

is that a portal?

i should prepare for this

Tom: whats that noise?

oh crud, whats that.

its time for action.

oh no, im falling in this unknown world.

where am i.

this is so weird.

tom: who are you guys? tobey: i dont know how i got here, im spiderman. tom: no way im spiderman too. andrew: lets just agree we are all spiderman.

tom: ok we must be here for a reason. tobey: ok guys lets head out. andrew: hey whats that over there?.

guys i think we got trouble.

stay calm, we can do anything remember.

ive seen everything, now that i got your help this will easier than ever.

Tobey: we can do it!

Tom: looks like its time to save the world!

Andrew: things seem to always fet weirder!

(meanwhile at doc ocks lair) ock: i brought them here my plans where slighty misscalculated, but i have amased my little army, i shall call them the sinister six.

tobey: this is the battle of our liftime. andrew: right, lets do this. tom: alright guys we got this.

come out from hidding you little bugs.

tobey : i got this guys

Sandman: get out.

take that.

Tobey: being a superhero isn't all as it seems to be.

sandman: ah you destroyed me.

tom: good going man, andrew: ok keep a look out.

ha ha ha challenge me. the itsy bitsy spider went up the water sprout down came the goblin and took the spider out.

hey you fools.

uh oh.

tobey: its you whos out gobby out of your mind.

goblin: you ate my fruit cake now you will pay. tobey: what?

Tobey: check my moves

Tobey: woah!

tobey: not so fast.

tobey: say goodnight pal.

pizza time.

tobey: where do all these guys come from.

Tobey: spidey scense!

tobey: heres your change.

Tobey im finished with you.

tobey: i defeated you.

andrew: i can do this.

andrew: hey sparklefingers im talking to you.

electro: arghh i dont like you. andrew: me neither.

Andrew: this should redirect the charge!

andrew: oh brother.

andrew : gotta be quick

andrew: you are done for.

andrew : looks like you overcharged.

andrew : oh no its rhino.

rhino: i am a savage hahaha andrew: oh no you dont.

Rhino: ahhahaahhahahahahaha!


andrew: oh yeah.

tom: i can do this.

Tom: we're not so differant

Tobey: oh yeah?

tobey: i did it first.

tom: i did it better

Andrew: you guys gonna stop arguing or what?

Tom: your just jealous because you did'nt t pose

Andrew: its you''re

tom: oh no its the vulture.

tom: I got you.

vulture: there you are! tom. woah!

Tom: oof!

vulture: i will destroy you.

vulture: i got you within my grasp.

tom: oh no you dont, you should have watched out.


mysterio: you beat my team but im still here.

Mysterio: i am more than enough!

mysterio: i will knock you out.

Mysterio: hah!


defeated at last.

tobey: you shouldnt be so confident. andrew: yeah because we are the spidermen. tom: and we protect the world so dont get in our way.

tobey: lets close the portal. tom: this was easier for you because you have organic webs. andrew: yeah tell me about it. tobey: hey you didnt even make your suit. andrew: hey i made my first suit with scraps. tom: shut up ,lets get this portal closed.

Andrew: lets end this!

andrew: we did it guys. tobey: our worlds should go back to normal shortly. tom: we should say our goodbyes. goodbye i hope we all meet again in the future.


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