SPIDER-MAN MULTIVERSE 2 : the battle countinues
SPIDER-MAN MULTIVERSE 2 : the battle countinues spiderman stories

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The follow up to my most veiwed story!

SPIDER-MAN MULTIVERSE 2 : the battle countinues

Tobey: I'll have to call you back later.

Tobey; who knew another portal would just randomly open out of the sky?

Tobey: its time to take action!

Andrew: here we go again!

Andrew: wow I can't believe this is happening for the second time!

Tom: Woah, deja vu!

Tom: its just like any other day, except I gotta stop evil masterminds and do crazy stunts in order to stay alive and the fate of the planet is in my hands yeah, just like any other day.

Tom: couldn't think of any better time for this crazy portal to show up.

Tobey: ahhhhhh!

Andrew: woahhhhhh!

Tom: gahhhhh!

Tobey: nice to see you all again? Andrew: likewise.

Tom: and they say lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice! Andrew: well, this can be our little fan club!

Tom: well, how's your morning been going? Tobey: just the usual .

Andrew: guys, I scense something isn't right

Tom: woah, check that out! Andrew: what could it be?

Dr. Strange: we need to talk.

Tobey: I think we've had enough surprises for today.

Andrew: who are you, and how did you do that?

Strange: I can open up portals. To different points in this reality, listen, you three were never supposed to team up and take down a whole rouges gallery, none of this should have happened, but it did. Now you are going to listen to me if you want to fix this.

Andrew: and why should we listen to you?

Strange: if you want things to go back to normal for good, I'm your best bet.

Tobey: and if we do how do we know its going to work?

Strange: it does, trust me.

Strange: fllow me, I will show you were you will need to go.

Tom: this is officially the most confusing thing I have gone through!

Andrew: let's just go with the flow.

Tobey: we might as well hear this guy out, we can find a way to still fix this!

Andrew: look out!

Strange: they are here!

Tom: let's get ready to rumble

Tobey: ok, what was that!

Tom: don't know, but I think were about to find out!

Andrew: we got this, remember we are Spider-man!

Scorpion: arghh, what must I do to get you fools to talk!

Yellow jacket:looks like we'll have to use intimidation

Tom: you get the one on the left I get the one on the right.

Tobey: hey mountain dew,

Scorpion: you!

Tobey: yeah its me!

Tom: over here bugface!

Yellow jacket: pathetic boy, get out of my way!

Tom: you're not going to cause any more destruction!

Yellow jacket: huh?

Tom: these remind me of the last guys we fought!

Andrew: yeah, like Mr. zappem Jr. Over here!

Shocker: how dare you insult me!

Andrew: just having some fun, loosen up man!


Andrew: alright then Mr shocker, I'm Spidey.

Shocker: I have no time for silly games!

Andrew: bet you didn't have a childhood.

Tobey: what do all these guys want?

Strange: answers, just like you they were brought here without knowing, they are just as confused as you are. Differance is we are able to fix things instead of making it worse.

Tom: if its answers the want the can get them from my fist.

Andrew: look, the waters come to life!

Hydro man: "gurgle roar"


Strange: its starting, we have to act quickly if we are going to stop this!

Strange: before it's to late.

Andrew: this looks bad, things are getting worse!

Tom: is it just me or dies time seem to go by really fast here!

Tobey: shiz just got real!

Tobey: if we work as a team we can still win this! Andrew: we combine our knoledge, our strength, we can pull through! Tom: nothing is to crazy for spider-man to handle, we got this!

Strange: remember, things is this realm don't have reason or ryme, you will have to stay strong and keep your minds clear if all thought, you must not look back, Tom: yeah, that's tottaly reaasuring .

New Goblin: three spider men today must be my lucky day!

Tobey: it will only take one to defeat you!

Tobey: yes, my suit is getting stronger!

New Goblin: you killed my Father.

Tobey: what? Is this all connected? I guess somehow I really affected this world! But that doesn't make scense! This might just be some horrible world that really does exist somewhere, and somehow we are all being brought into it by someone or something!

New Goblin: are you just going to stand there!

Tobey: no!

New: Goblin: take that!

Tobey: missed me!

New goblin: er!

Tobey: gonna cry?

Tobey: hey ugly over here

Venom: screech!

Tobey: you're slow!

Venom: die!

Tobey: no, you!

Venom: Growl!

Tom: remember what strange said focus on getting back home nothing else.

Tom: yes armour upgrade!

Tom: hey guys, like your suit

Tobey: I know right? But yours is way cooler!

Tom: come on let's keep on moving!

Andrew: a talking lizard that's unexpected, I guess I should have seen something like this coming!

Lizard: peter!

Andrew: how does he know?

Lizard: you look differant! But you humans are all the same!

Andrew: I think I know why our animals can't talk!

Tobey: hey you!

Kingpin: I have you all figured out, I know none of us belong here. I know how this place works, you are from earth 96283, and are accompanied by other spider-men I have more insight then you will ever have!

Tobey: Tell me MORE!

Kingpin: huhah! You fool! I will Tell you nothing!

Tobey: then you just earned yourself a ticket to pain town!

Tom: this is outta hand! It should have been dinner time by now!

Strange: yes, you all come from different earths and realities, that is why everything feels so contrived here this place is somewhere in time where anything can happen and someone set a link here to the rest of the universe. That us why you are all here!

Tom: then let's finish this!

Andrew: we'll find that link and cut it. We don't need anymore trouble!

Tom: I see you got some new atire.

Tobey: guys you might want to see this!

Iron monger: ha ha, its time to say goodnight!

Tom: giant robot!

Iron monger: now, you will die! I am your defeat!

Tom: you sure about that!

Iron monger: yes!

Iron monger: I hope you like the taste of metal.

Tom: I prefer the smell of victory!

Strange: it comes down to this!

Dr. Doom: you are all to weak and stubborn to face Dr. Doom!

Dr. Doom: I created these links these connections between worlds, I wanted to do so, so I did! Now it is time for you to be eradicated!

Andrew: that's enough!

"FWOOSH" Andrew: aghhh!

Andrew: no. He is to strong!

Tom: nothing is too...eaghhh!

Dr. Doom: is that all you have to offer!

Tom: how? He broke my suit!

Tobey: surprise attack!

Dr. Doom: I am to wise to be tricked by three pathetic teenagers!

Tobey: ahhhhhh!


Dr.Doom: just a bunch of little losers!

Tom: he is to powerful!

Tobey: he can't be over powered!

Andrew: you're right, aren't we forgetting someone?

Dr Doom: you all have met your doom!

Dr. Doom: this place only makes me more powerful by the minute!

Dr. Doom: soon I will be invincible!

Strange: he just told us his plan, quickly find the main power source, it should be somewhere around here! It it will end his reign and finally bring us home!

Strange: I will hold him off!

Dr. Doom: Noo! My power! AGHHH!

Tobey: yes one generator down! Two to go! Good job peter! ( referancing Andrew)

Tobey: there it is the last one!

Tobey: nrghharghhhhhhhbhaaaaaaa!


Tobey: we did it we a Stopped the links! There is no way to get back in here again! Well, it looks like we should be sent home soon!

Andrew: we did it! The galaxy now can rest! I'll send some mail every couple of light years!

Tom: things are going back to normal! I understood that referance, this truly has been the experience of a lifetime.

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