The taste of your cigarettes
The taste of your cigarettes memories stories

shotinthedark A sad poet with words only written
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Poem for the poetry contest

The taste of your cigarettes

by shotinthedark

The taste of your cigarettes

 I tasted you for the first time last December.     The taste of your cigarettes lingered for minutes after you pulled away

 I tasted you         And from then I knew,         I'd always remember, The taste of you. Bitter tasting but worth everything I had.

Who knew love could hurt so bad? You were poison, like the cigarettes you smoke. But your kisses made me forget my shattered hopes The cancer on your lips, Cigarettes you kiss.

I can taste it on your tongue. You weren't staying very long. Here I am with thoughts of you. You're asleep, it's half past two. Do you remember me? Love we made in your sheets?

You were everything to me. You're still in my dreams. I wake up with the taste of your kiss. Nasty, but I miss those lips. When you last kissed me goodnight, I didn't know it was goodbye

I know better than to believe, That you still think of me. You've found someone new. I want no one else but you. To taste your cancer breath one more time. Before I make my own goodbye

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