The Average Kid in Kota. By EC.
The Average Kid in Kota.

By EC. just read it stories

shortiebigdream Over glorifier of romantic novels.
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Google search "what is Kota, India" known for and enjoy my rant.
Note: This is supposed to be light hearted and only a teensy bit pissed.

The Average Kid in Kota. By EC.

I don't have the eloquence of the Sorting Hat, I don't have the prowess to make sonnets fall from my mouth, But there's a little voice that told me, Write your pain away my darling so that's what's I intend to do .

Over glorified toppers stare down from the walls, Poster child of society why don't you fuck off, Leave people like alone, Spare me of your judgemental stares, In these dark days it's only the little voice, She says; write my darling, write your aches away.

Sunrise and sunset have no meaning behind these four walls, Cooped up like a hen I feel so sick of this all, Long for the days when this run is over, Barely crossed eighteen but I'm eighty inside, Can't wait to run in the sun without guilt coursing my veins.

So I'll cross my fingers and wait for these days to pass, Lucky for me I got a cheer squad at home, This is the penance of a decision taken wrong, This is the consequence of believing society's tales, The structure of a poster child gone wrong.

So don't tell me system that I'm nothing without a 500+ score, Don't tell me that I'm a sore loser without a medical seat, Life isn't a game of MCQs, "Maximum questions in minimum time" That can be your motto but it's never going to be mine.

So with the home team behind me, I'll build my own kingdom, I'll be a queen and rule well, I'll make sure that the presence or absence of the Dr. in front of my name won't fucking matter .

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