The Bliss of first love.....
The Bliss of first love.....
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shivika Going with the flow...
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A few words for anyone who has ever fallen in love to embrace and remember that feeling...

The Bliss of first love.....

Your lips run wild on my skin And free the passion caged in my heart My heart that burns Every moment we are far apart My heart that races Every time you breathe My heart that stills Every time we kiss

Your eyes feel like they burn through my skin To see everything deep inside me Your touch feels like liquid fire Flowing in my blood Your love feels like falling Deep within And rising To be anything I want to be

I am softer with you Your presence Like falling white snow So pure Like waves on a beach Washing away the ache

I am beautiful with you Your presence Like drops of rain So fresh Like sun shining on a cloudy day Chasing the cold away

I am my best self Because i love you And I am loved by you

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