There's a Weeping Lady in My Room
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Wake up in the world of imaginations.

There's a Weeping Lady in My Room

I woke up at 5:38 AM still dark and chilly, slowly gaining a glimpse of the shadowy figures in my room, getting up to get my phone and my bottle of water, feeling thirsty.

Thankfully I always keep it above the cabinet beside my bed, located about a meter away. My senses are still fuzzy blurry, feeling sleepy.

So I got up, I can't really see in the dark but my senses are heightened my eyes are wide open even its doesn't make sense to open them in a totally dark room.

I rummage, touching things to see where to pick up a familiar object which my tumbler first, it was almost empty so I get to my phone to lighten my way out to the kitchen.

I was slowly pacing adjusting myself in the dark when I notice a silhouette beside the refrigerator before the open doorway through the main kitchen, a woman in a black veil.

My eyes easily pick up the image my brain created but I ignore it, as I always notice these things, keep talking myself that it wasn't real as I doubt my fuzzy sight,

it began when we were just set put in this old house own by my uncle.

Allowing myself to breathe and think carefully, I push the home button of my phone to light up and guide myself filling up my tumbler, the whole noise of refilling my tumbler echoed on the empty room,

I'm not that afraid or get that frightens in the dark but this ominous feeling that someone is there standing, so instead of drinking first I go and find the light switch in the kitchen.

Seems like senses playing tricks on me so I need light. Although it's so blinding, it's better than never. I resume what I'm doing, I drink the whole and refill it again.

I know it was early, the perfect time to wake up properly but I'm still so sleepy. I turn off the light and adjust myself in the dark again, unlocking my phone to give light.

Then again I notice a figure, now it wasn't just a figure I feel it, it's their setting at the top of the old set television.

I straighten myself and think rationally, I direct the faint light coming from my phone wallpaper,

and it was nowhere to be found instead of a pair of plaque and a huge festival mask created by my younger sibling for their project. It was indeed resembling that thing I've seen earlier.

Now I pace through the door and opening it slowly carefully not to produce a clicking sounds as possible. When another figure immerses, it was there in my bed weeping in her wedding Veil.

My imaginations and my rational thinking having a war between unraveling reality, making my head spinning.

I don't know if I'm going to believe it's real or not, just like the other shadows that things create in the dark, but this feeling of realness can't let go over my head.

In the end, I choose to think it's was just another object that forms that silhouette of a weeping lady in my bed. Now I'm writing this because I can't sleep anymore thinking about it. Compiling creepy things happen in this house.

Yours: @ShinYap

Have a great day! Thanks for reading.

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