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   >Finding friends 
             (Unexpected happened) strangers encounter stories

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The life that you had is enough to grow a sprout on it.
(At first I wanna make friends with them, but they ruin it, hahahah, but I do make friends with some thankfully.)

>Finding friends O_N_L_I_N_E (Unexpected happened)

Early in the morning doing my usual morning routine. Which is browsing the web and my social media accounts, checking unread messages from my friends, unfortunately none.

So my adventures S E L F try to find some friends in the net.

So, so on and so forth I'd try going in random chatroom I tried the Omegle one, well, everyone knows what's that about,

the first time I used it am not using a cam just talking to random strangers just as the site say's; well they say it's a "college talk" but not really lol, we can't really blame it to anyone.

So first meet this guy who is you know naughty and that some kind of stuff, I don't really care 'cause am an open minded person; that's my first encounter and that's beyond my expectations,

but not that really mind bugling, he just simply naughty you know. Well that's life and hormones too.

The second encounter is a girl nothing really happen, she just talk to me like a friend, but there is this feeling that thrill me out, out of this conversation,

not that you talking to strangers thing, it's the thrill of making your very own self again, how you present to them yourself,

but it's just in my mind I don't really do that she's a friendly one and I don't want to ruin their day or some sort.

Am pretty sure addicted to a feeling of making strangers feel about me, so the day just go on lasted for a week.

The day two encounters I encounter this guy from Canada, just hanging around making some friends and chat obviously, so we talked, it's the longest talk I've ever been to,

we're talking about our hobbies, the feeling of thrill of not seeing someone personally or virtually just grown as he introduced himself as an fellow artist,

so he ask for my social media accounts, like snap, unfortunately don't have one, so instead I ask for alternative one, which is twitter,

well as others says it's kinda "don't really expect" happen. So, the thrill of having friends abroad just puffs out of nowhere. But still I persist of having one.

So I go deeper in that site but now am using my camera but not really showing my face, because you know I am a really-really shy person, I just show my hand and wrist,

this is how my funny experience happened, they mistook me as a girl, well I don't really look like a girl maybe a little, I don't know,

I don't know why but they're always guys and older guys asking me, lol so I troll around, not my fault really, lol

There is this one guy ask for my hand to just move, hand fetish maybe, and then ask for my lips to show a bit, so I give it to him. I can't really control my lough right now, sorry.

So I revealed my true sex and he just left me laughing hard, feel guilty though. But am really feel mischievous so do it again for the day.

I know it's really bad but feel not sorry, they're basically an online "predator" scooping for young girls.

Well, not always that I encounter like this, sometimes it's a fail, my karma, lol, this one guy who is holding beer, at first his kind and pleasant to talk to, so we just chat,

then when he ask me if I am girl, well he just notice maybe that am kinda off to be a girl. Lol not my bad. Maybe he sees my nick which is you know.

He said this thing before he left "you're barking at a wrong tree" well not really like that 'cause I think his drunk a little some words are wrong spell.

And this another guy in the other guy of course.

A fat guy setting on his storage room, maybe his hiding from someone lol, around him are some fruit jam and a jars that pile on the cabinet behind him, and some clatter around of vegetables,

not really that strange, am strange than how he is, am literally just a floating hand and clothes in the dark but still he take the bait.

So I angle myself, my hands exactly to look like a feminine one. He approach me first saying that am pretty though he really don't see what's my appearance what.

As usual like a strangers getting to know each other, a friendly introduction, I think his really into it that I see him smirking, like a child just get what he wants from mommy.

He said to move a little bit, so I did, and then approach another gesture to stand up, but I didn't, he don't persist, so the conversation just go on,

until I heard my siblings making noise already, outside the room, making her phone play music.

I just ignore it, but am annoyed about it, she's literally ruining my plan my cunning plan to just a silence shy person. But thank the universe he didn't even notice it.

Still my mood just swing the scheme is about to fail, until he ask what shirt am wearing, it's my big sky bluet- shirt, enough to hide my masculinity.

Rolling the camera I slightly press my chest against the bed to make a boob, well he take it, telling me that I have a nice boob, well that's nice 'cause the play is still working.

Then there is this loud bang outside at the gate, it abrupt my mood for conversation then I just flinch, then I just cut the scene that beautifully rolling, I tell him am a guy.

To his surprise, he just give me hanging mouth with his eyes open, I can really tell that his really into it. Then the screen just went blank.

It's really fascinating how people react surprise, even though they're just seeing face to face a hint of reality.

Well it's not really my last encounter and exactly this day, maybe my last one, am getting bored, and use to it, nothing really thrills me now, I don't just.

So this is the when I exactly writing this, this the last day a total of one week.

Let us skip to my last encounter, some are really old guys which I just ignore and I encounter this guy again, I don't know why but this site is full of testosterone controlled minds,

driven by their desire to catch a fish out of the sea. Maybe it's the pandemic that make them, well maybe.

Some don't really take a bait and ignore me, well that's good.

And here comes a mysterious guy, the screen is dark, a cloth hang on it, I can still see a glimpse of light, so on and so forth like a cliche story, a radio playing over and over.

He ask me like usual libids driven guy, he seems nice though, he didn't directly ask for something like that, he ask me if "you like six pack" lol I don't really care,

but I ignore it just reply "why?" then nothing, and then ask me for my belly button but I just totally ignore, right now the net is slowing, well our country you know. So that's it. "Nothing"

You can't really just toss around your original self or your life to reach the expectation of others.

It's really frustrating, depressing but you don't have a choice just to care for it first, make it grow like a plant,

Let's flourish upon ourselves. fill the gaps between our broken hearts.

Let us grow and experience the beautiful life we had.



In the End their is still MATTERS, the true FRIENDS and FAMILY.

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