*E V E N T I N E Kingdom* Chapter I: "THE AFTERMATH"

 *E V E N T I N E  

Chapter I:
"THE AFTERMATH" eventine kingdom stories

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The war has ended, the ELVENTINE kingdom is wrecked.
Everything is destroyed, but there is only one survivor or is it, is she really the only one?

*E V E N T I N E Kingdom* Chapter I: "THE AFTERMATH"

I feel dizzy waking up, standing slowly, I hit into something besides me. Trying to gain full of myself consciousness, frighten by the sight.

I hit a rotting head of a soldier, eyes colors faded and full of moving maggots and flies, I crawl backwards and hit onto something again a pile of beheaded body.

I shout as loud as my lungs can. Trembling with fear and terror, I stands up trying gain my composure. I am surrounded by thousands and thousands pile of dead beheaded bodies.

I start to move my feet hoping to get away from this horrible mess. I guess I am in a battle field, but how do I survive? I am just a fragile girl.

Walking through the pile of body my left legs tingles, a cut opened, I grasp with pain and reached a cloth hanging on a spare of a soldier.

The whole place is like is gory and gray; smoke and blood impregnated the air, stench of monstrous deeds.

My blood dripping down on to my ankle, breath of hope, I am so drain; out of energy.

Walking in a slow pace increases the rate of surviving, I think it's just, fate that make me stand in my two feet.

"The oasis of life is coming; you can survive this just walk out of here, live through your heart desire." My mind buzzing with this thought.

I can't just die here, I have to, I don't even know why I'm so eager to survive I can't even see someone who can help me here.

Stumbling across the pile of burnt plank I lost my balance and easily dipped into the muddy ground, I don't even care I just wanted to survive.

Gasping heavily, running out of breath, my vision blur-darken.

Waking up in a strange room, the wall is all white, every corner of my sight can wander, it’s oddly plain and no other things in it.

I wonder how there is a light when there is no object here.

I check left leg and bewildered, there is no traces of wounds or bruises. I check everything on myself, check every traces but there isn’t.

And suddenly the plain wall burst open produce sounds like no other Elves have heard, the opening glows so bright that I cannot see what’s coming,

I tried to clasp my hand on my eyes to avoid the beaming light.

A hand reaches my shoulder, I frighten as I see what standing in front of me.

What it is frightens her? Is she really an Elf came from the EVENTINE kingdom? Who is she?

Note: Wan't me to upload the next, a comment and reactions will be so much appreciated. -if you're reading this, you are missing the opportunity to get know who are the characters needed to track, through this series.

Thanks for reading, see yah in my next chapter/stories. Written by: @ShinYap

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