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shinyap See to Foresee, Breathe to live & wonder
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Have you ever dream in your own dream?

The Dream

In my head, there was a dream that will never happen. Dreaming about myself.

A dream of having these things. Things that everything is different, unreal, but it feels so real.

It was a dream inside each other dream, a dream that drains the first existing self, crumbled like a bag of dust, in the vast cold floor of the void.

I'm the one in the middle, I'm the one on the corner, I'm also the first one who just crumbles.

Scenes that keep on playing over each other-self. Playing after the mesmerizing dream inside my head abruptly pops like a bubble.

I'm dying inside each other dreams. Screaming like hell. Tormented in a cell of alternate multiple realities.

A dream that consists of dreaming in a million, trillion self.

Crumbling upon a zillion mistakes.

Yours: @ShinYap

Have a great day! Thanks for reading.

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