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The hidden meanings...

The Folklore

Our Grandparents story's always fascinating, intrigue us always.

Times were when we're still in our mids of age.

They who make us wonder about other creatures.

Make us grow in a colorful childhood.

Make us travel upon the world where we can make our own stories of fantastic adventure.

Every evening we wonder what is the next chapter, over her mouthful indulging stories.

Our eyes bulge in every word she utter.

Innocence mind wants more to ponder.

A story that controversial yet, our mind had taken all the hidden meanings beyond their actual means.

Let me tell you a story.

Happen in the Dark enchanted woods, where humans never been heard of.

Morning dew fairy

In an unknown enchanted woods where the creatures keep themselves safe.

The rain has subdued lately, almost sunset when it stops.

Creatures start to wander around, looking for goods inside the forest. A forest that so dense; were night and day almost the same.

Every wild creature roams cautiously, avoiding the eyes of their captor; the evil hunter.

But no one can stop the peculiar giggly fairy, she who dares to wander along with the unknowns of the forest.

She flutters her golden wings as she settles along the pond, where the water is clearly reflecting her glowing wings.

In the shade made of vines writhing through each other, flap her wings, drying it.

Relaxing her tense back, she flaps, and flaps, not knowing that her golden dust. Showing so much attention, through the eyes of the predator.

A hunter hides among the dense trees. Shadow cunningly hides in the dark.

Not knowing the creatures is about to pounce; waiting for an opportunity to cut her up.

The peculiar fairy about is to end her wonderful story.

As the shadow approaches slowly, pointing the enormous arrow through her head.

The forest silently conceals her deafening shriek, swallowed by the darkness inside the dense woods.

The forest went so silent... Creatures seem to know what had just happened.

The shadowy figure emerges...

Stood there was an Elf; her own magical kind. With warrior suit, arrow in her hands still alerts with her hidden grin on her face.

Our fantasy is mirror truth through our reality.

The gate of Tartarus isn't always that black and infinity deep, sometimes its shapes between evil and goods.

In our world, there is more mystery; the enigma of the truth foretold, beyond our mind strings of momentum.

This is my first time posting my art in public, support me guys. Follow me on Instagram to see more of my work.


Yours: @ShinYap

Have a great day!

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