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Please do read.


I notice these days, my follower's decreases since I post the letter of appreciation for those who followed me back then, but I delete it, I don't know why it decreases but am okay with it,

am not really into followers or reaction, am happy to share my works even though no one appreciates it.

I am so grateful to those who remain and still look forward to my works and especially to those who react and appreciate it till these days.

So why am I really posting this?

Am posting this not to rant or something, am posting this to remind those new members of this community.

To new members please be patient and don't mind those who ignore your works, what value the most is you express your talent, skills, whatever it is, as long you happy with it, post it.

Also, you can reach out to those who have experience here, you can ask them for help, advice anything, even make friends with them.


To my 200+ followers

And for the reason, why am not posting as much this time, it's because am working with my other stuff and am not gonna lie it's tiring to post here, hahaha, am really really sorry for that,

gues am still a human being who gets exhausted like you guys. Maybe after I get over this stuff, I'll post something again.

For those who will stay and who unfollow my profile, love yah, it's okay it's your choice and I don't mind it, as long as you're happy with that am with it. Have a great day!

Thank you very much!


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