Midway Valley

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Your, Our Existence...

Midway Valley

Once there is a rock

s e Once there is a rock t I n g

s e Once there is a rock t I o n g

s e Once there is a rock t I o n g the Midway dock.

Streams and Winds flow through its whips.

Hurled along the side of small pebbled rock.

Its beaten but harden throughout its existence.

The Stars Mumbled

What should we do with our fellow rock?

He set and stays there

Waiting and waiting

Never know what's he'd been waiting.

Until this days till dawn of its Existence.

Does he really need to do that?

Until one day Something Happens.

A Catastrophe that nobody expected.

The rock persisted facing the range of his existence.

The time change

Where nights and sky

Seems Never existed

The stars dim, succumb in a engulfing black light.

In the dock where the Rock sets upon.

A shimmering light bellowed.

His whole body glow glisten

Floats and stun every dark lights that blind.

The Stars notice

The queries and enigma

seems to be answered

Its below their eyes

A Hallow light

Prove its Prominence.

Now his the biggest star

In the Entire Galaxy

Reflecting its Lights

Showing everybody that

We Give lights No matter what.




We Breath to inspire each Others.

Live within the reach of others.

Written by: @ShinYap

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