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The trend of romanticizing.

Free To Be Me

Nowadays, we want to be more like the good depictions of what others are showing and what they like about us.

We wanted to be good, picture-perfect like a protagonist on a series of novels, which is ironic.

Who we want to be is far more than our true selves.

It's like we are free but only free because you believe us to be.

And we keep on lingering along in a disheveled labyrinth of wisdom, knowledge, and philosophy.

Which instead of helping us, it elevates the lostness of our true selves within a bin of crumpled paper.

For a long time, we're living here on our planet we are still on a baby step finding our very true existence.

Let me tell you this.

You, we are free to be us.

You are validated to be you.

You don't need to be a picture-perfect character.

We are flawlessly imperfect and that makes us human, it's perfection.

Again, You are free to be your authentic self.

It's our Right!

Yours: @ShinYap

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