An Infinite encounter of Destiny?

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Do you believe in Destiny?

An Infinite encounter of Destiny?

Do you believe in Destiny?

Have you encountered your Destiny?

Is your Destiny flabbergasted you?

A butterfly swirling along with my guts, turning thoughts upside down.

Constructing things in a different manner and perspective.

A thought for thoughts, tit-a-tat.

Bugs crawl and plug the plug, and unplug the circuit, enabling the river through.

Flushes and waves are unlocked, scattered, and waiting to grasp.

I leap in every Lilly pods, here and there.

But Destiny isn't here or everywhere.

I am not searching, not scanning, skimming, or even skipping. Am just, here setting, under the mountains of burden; walking.

Destiny, is it luck?

Ohh gosh, this is rubbish.

In years in the pond, I never encounter it.

Been care maybe not, by my pod. Nurture me, for something maybe.

Growing twigs intertwined, leaf and roots are flourishing, and soon the flowers were to bloom.

The symphony seems untoned, and here is it nobody comes, the Destiny.

Maybe deeper I dig, deeper I beg and carry the weight I get to it.

Hedges surround the path; a path leads to an unknown way.

A way I am taken; been taken.

This is unbearing, to see, to listen, to speak without a means.

Now the song of Destiny isn't clear, not been heard. I don't know what it is. What the heck is it.

I keep on going along the hopping path. Every time I leap here and there, there are times I fall in too deep, yet, I strive to get out of the mud.

Destiny, what are you?

Tossing me around like a leaf driven with the wind that turns round and round.

So what is Destiny?

Can a Leprechaun show what the perfect shoe to fit, for Destiny to forfeit?

Written by: @ShinYap

Have a great day! Thanks for reading.

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