You're a magical Disco ball
You're a magical 
             Disco ball courage  to embrace the past stories

shinyap See to Foresee, Breathe to live & wonder
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The tang of the broken memories...

You're a magical Disco ball

Broken in a hundred million pieces. Small, a tiny bit of me has been shattered. A tiny child that faced the agony. An embodiment of broken pieces.

See me now and you'll notice the cracks Cracks that honed Sculpt every little part of me Pieces of glass that reflect every past.

I'm proud of it, I'm not afraid of it. Now that I still keep striving through the span of life. It gives me the courage to keep up. I'm not "ME" without it.

The past that shape and ironically hurt the tiny me. It will never hinder my flourish. I'll bloom through its futile soil; a fertilizer for my future. Right now is not the time to stop and whine for it.

I'll welcome a better future. Like a disco ball, I'll shine in the agonizing dark. Reflects the light and transforms it to glow for me. Glow me through the unforgiving life.

Yes, I'm broken and I see the beauty in it. I'm uniquely chosen by the universe. That's why I'll be the best me and every part of me will grow beautifully. As I breathe in the new day.

Let's flourish for the new days coming.

Yours: @ShinYap

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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