_What_if: the senses_

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A question for the end of 2020.

_What_if: the senses_

We can touch, feel, taste, smell, and sense.

Everything is intertwined in an intricate pattern of chemical and mechanical things consist of us, basically everything in our surroundings, our universe.

The feeling you feel has an emotion to convey with.

The emotion you feel is a way of converting feeling into something. Anything you can express. Human mechanics.

So complex, intriguing, an enigma that we perceive; we understand.

Is reality really the "reality" we live, exist with?

Do we really breathe?

Can you really hear that thing ringing in our ear for a millennium, stinging through the brain?

Bringing more and more, a mountain of thorns.

Thorns that fool our sight; send the blight light. Turn our minds into mad tight.

Look at what we accomplished.

Look at what you've done, that you left.

Taste sweet, be the controller of the bitter; is it really change for the better? Or it is the beater, who wreck those who settle?

Although we smell the tang in the horrid air, we just breathe and breathe, through the toxic, chaotic atmosphere, miraculously we live with.

Can you sense it?

The feeling of something might not be real?

Can you taste the pain?

The feel of these bags of emotion?

Stuck in our minds.

Chemically and mechanically can obstruct. What a human mechanic.

Don't just stand there and breathe.

You should feel the symphony swirl madly.

Don't just repeat the rhythm; feel, touch it makes use of the senses.

Is it real?

Does reality really exist?

What if...

Written by: @ShinYap

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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