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In this stressing, depressing society, I'm still hoping for a peace of mind. Hope you all mind.


Away from, where I can't hear a noise that keeps on digging my mind, taking my life.

Away, where I can roam freely, sing as loud as I can, dance whatever moves I can render drain my energy through the night.

Away from where there are no spear eyes, pointing fingers, narrow minds.

Take me, where we can enjoy our own time, control it like a captain of the ship.

We'll drive through the midst of our own journey. Drifting through the lullaby, sleep without any pain that sticks.

Far away, where we can finally compose our tone of melody, swim in harmony. Melancholy, that taint isn't a word here but the opposite one, euphoria.

Take me...

Would you?

Away from this dreadful grieve.

Take me away from the pool of tears, from the sorrows darted into my weary souls.

Take my body and souls.

Let me rest and be free, just for this time.

Take me with you, would you?

Written by: @ShinYap

May you all have a great new year! Thanks for reading!

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