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A morning full of queries.

_Morning _breeze

-Irony of belief and disbelief-

How many times you ask the sky above, why do you suffer this much? Why do you always need to be like this? Do they need that, torment in a purgatory, which is the earth. When things go wrong they do appreciate that, but things such as these, can't seem to be tolerated anymore. You sigh deeply.

These days are even more sickening when the news and negative thoughts flying everywhere near the bay, waiting to cling into someone's back, stab and sucks the positivity, and still turns back.

Bolsters, holes can't seem to heal enough yet here is another one, well good, mind trying to gain enthusiasm through these negative feedbacks.

In so many ways they see the light against the blinding dark lights of the dim sky. They swirl and clutch their selves.

Though eyes seem to swear not to blur again this sensation of disbelieving again seems to defean, the swear of the unseen voice deeps into and lures.

They swear to uncluch the chain but its still seem attached.

Afraid of something will happen again they seem to protect their very own gems against the voice lurks from within. Look they're not the antagonist nor the protagonist they just play with it, swim with it.

But this current seems to turn the tides upside down. Left's the soulless soul lost into the comfort agony. The agony that succumbs them through these years.

Though it's tough they're grateful for how those thoughts turn out.

Yet how could they figure out? They believe and disbelief at the same time but now that gain the consciousness somehow what should the turns, how could they turn?

Who will they trust?

When what should be the path.

Written by: @Shin Yap

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