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shinyap See to Foresee, Breathe to live & wonder
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From angle to angle converging to one is a havoc turn around a bit is a flaw crooked times that met the sought

What is moral, what is right and wrong? Is life is wrong? Does living are flaws?

Those eyes are being a fraud. How was your idea of living?

Do you exist or you're just here to live? Breathing in poison wrath, of the tainted chat.

Swinging in the corpse of the death cuss Indulge in the ballistic tit-a-tat exploding, ironically flourishing in a tik-tock holes and walls are just a thing, so proceed to that something.

How would-be able step, is it step back? Step up? Or speak up?

A hoax in mind, wrap safely, set for awhile. Writing in the air, float on the top of foggy water. Inhale the magnificent, rotten feel. Numb in this excruciating pain.

Written by: @ShinYap

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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