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This is a poem about a goodnight. What does goodnight really mean?


At night, people would ride around. It wasn’t that fun; but nobody said it wasn’t allowed.

At night, everything is black and white. For sure that is, because at night it’s dark.

You can see all the sparkles making their way down, all to where they have to go to; slowly traveling around.

What is more special, then all just that? What is more special, the most of the night?

Stars. They’re discipline, popping up everytime. Whenever you see their figures, they can make a great sign.

Seriously, are all stars you saw, literally the same? Or did they explode or die; all within the same way? Once and for all, it will be one day.

If I walked on the hills, would you see me if I see you? Would you see me as a star, or would you see me as a human being too?

Because stars could mean love, I won’t mean it this way. The day I will say this to you, is now and today.

The sun is going down, and we’re ready for another night. Hoping to see the stars again, but no clouds covering it right.

I’m ready to go to sleep, just put my pillows ready for tonight.

Now I’ll go to sleep and dream, it’s time to say to have a good night.


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