A Million Galaxies
A Million Galaxies  galaxy stories

shining_star Community member
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A Million of Galaxies. What would it be?
A poem about Galaxy and Space.

A Million Galaxies

One day, I built a whole galaxy. My galaxy. All for my own.

But was it really the only galaxy..?

Your galaxy found mine. We both accepted eachother. Our galaxies were both one. But none of us knew.

We made all the planets together, and put hard work in it. All a galaxy would need to be good.

But what did we put the most effort into?

Our planet. This would be the place where we lived. Where else would we live? Why would you live in space?

Space is huge.

We always went searching for more galaxies. We both met more people, who helped us work our way to get a better galaxy.

There were a million of them. A Million Galaxies.

And a black hole wouldn’t stop us. Our galaxies have what we need. That’s all that matters.

I miss that feeling. Where are you?

A million of Galaxies, Thank you for reading. The End.

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