until he was gone.
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shinelikestars1shy but ready to try
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So this is a story that I've had saved forever and after letting a few people close to me read it I decided I might as well put it out into the world?

until he was gone.

by shinelikestars1

There once was a girl with dreams in her eyes

and a boy with a wandering heart

They met in a crazy time

when fear and self-consciousness ruled their footsteps, and he repelled her with his booming façade

In time, their paths drew close once again

and she was quietly drawn to the fresh promise of new adventure reflected in his thin framed glasses and timid, soft words

He saw her as a mystery

who did not want to be solved; especially by the likes of him. He was not invited to fit the pieces together

A year went by, and the boy became infatuated

with a blonde sunflower girl who lived simply and bluntly; and safely. He clung to that secure fondness like a child attached to it's training wheels; a sure and weightless love

But the sunlit girl had a crashing desire in her heart

and the weight of her age-old fantasy fell through. She fled, propelled by the bitter words of those around her

The mysterious girl

spoke of dissatisfaction and destruction to her; all that goes up must come down

The boy did not relent after the words of rejection

dripped from the sun-drenched girl's lips like wine interrupts soft colours on a dress

He morphed "no" into "maybe"

and let himself continue to stumble after her as the seasons changed and another year slipped away

When time reset itself,

the wander-lust boy and the mysterious, dreamy-eyed girl found themselves two boats slipping down the same isolated river

His perfect vision of the sunny girl

began to fade with the summer heat, and the dreamy eyed girl let out a quiet sigh of relief

The boy and girl slowly discovered one another in a new way

for the first time, and while rifling through jagged pieces and segments they found that many opposite halves fit perfectly together

Hesitance became comfort, comfort became contentment,

and from contentment bloomed a bond that grew stronger with each harboured moment between them. He introduced her to every trap door and loose floorboard in his ever-settling heart,

helped her step into quicksand and she nervously sunk.

The connection between the two became unstoppable and electric as the months chugged on, and it soon became never one without the other; their names spoken not in two breaths, but as one phrase

she soon bloomed for him like a thin petaled flower

and he orbited her like a single planet circles the sun to survive

They fell for one another with their eyes closed.

sparks ignited under her skin at his touch, chasing his fleeting fingertips and always begging for him when he was gone. He set her heart on fire, consumed it and intended to turn it to ash

because while she decided to jump headfirst,

he lingered swaying on the ledge. Uncertain and unready, the boy shattered the girls hopes again and again like glass

It hurt, but she blindly forgot her strife

at the next flash of his winning smile or when his heavy hazel eyes met hers like the first time a blind man saw light

The first time he made her cry

she felt like the world was crashing down because she couldn't take the icy winter he left her in. She sobbed brokenly, shivering and frost-bitten while he obliviously drifted away

Nevertheless, she forgave him with a reassuring smile

when he invited her in again. The girl pushed down on her doubt and conscience whispering to her who he really was. She wanted nothing more than to love.

A claim struck her like lightning that the boy's heart

did not belong solely to her, and she finally started to let go of the death grip she had on him. On her fantasy, the boy she wanted him to be who would follow her anywhere just as she would him

The boy felt the change in her, and furiously

shoved and locked her into crushing silence. He dropped everything they had so willingly and began to tear and pull the girl's heart into pieces

She plunged into a deep blackness that filled her lungs

and could stretch over oceans.

He didn't bother to look over his shoulder while she sunk

until he was gone.

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