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I am tired of this body.

this body

by shinelikestars1

I have grown tired of this body.

I close my eyes and imagine my skin lifting off the surfaces in rivulets crossing and weaving through each other like intertwining fingers before disintegrating to a gossamer dust

I have grown tired of this body.

of it's persistent cries and melodies of every deafening emotion singing through my bones haunting my thoughts and tying knots in my veins I'm tired of the dry, dead words it speaks

I have grown weary of this body.

unwieldy and incommodious I imagine it begin to slowly deteriorate fall apart with each breath fall apart without me

I am enervated from this body

for my eyes cannot see enough ears cannot seem to hear enough legs cannot carry me well enough arms cannot reach enough and hands cannot quite grasp anything without inflicting destruction

perhaps this body is tired of me

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