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shinelikestars1 shy but ready to try
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submission for the poetryslam contest :)
so this is a poem that I wrote based on the conversation my best friend and I had about experimental kissing. We both had a pretty good idea of how it would turn out.

the experiment

by shinelikestars1

Amongst the young, hot chaos of loud music

and restless teens throwing around bold words that bounced off the low ceiling, we slipped away

A boy's jacket hung loosely on my small frame

endlessly baggy sleeves rolled up to my wrists and his smell made me feel like some other girl

the air in the enclosed bathroom thickened instantly

with nervous chatter coming mostly from me. When we calmed down, we apologized for our flaws and flicked off the lights

I was a small skittish bird on train tracks

she stayed still and waited, patient like a book ready to be opened. Our hands found each other's faces for guidance in the heavy darkness that still seemed to reveal everything

our lips finally met when I made myself step off the edge

and fall in. She moved immediately, leaving no time or space

I stood there while she kissed me heavily

and couldn't stop thinking, 'this is my best friend' and it didn't feel real.

All I could do was let her form words into my mouth

about her loneliness her curiosity it matched mine I couldn't lose myself and I knew she couldn't, either

She pulled away first and we closed our walls in again

stepping out of that room we glanced at each other and broke into smiles no one would ever find out

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