Every Love I've Ever Had
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shinelikestars1shy but ready to try
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Every Love I've Ever Had

by shinelikestars1

Oh, is this what love is supposed to be?

Is it the feeling of the strap of my love goggles digging into my temples as I mused over the copper-haired boy that cared about nothing more than whether he made the basketball team

glaring through that tunnel vision I kept his smiles like secrets only being able to fathom the thought of him taking my hand and kissing me by the lockers hopelessly, silently infatuated

No, no. This is what love is supposed to be.

It's that awkward friendship that develops both young and buzzing minds full of questions catching myself forgiving his destructive habits and letting him leave me lonely when he's bored

he is gone and so maybe that wasn't love I keep looking

This is it. This has to be it. This is love.

It's stolen glances falling for his beautiful empty words and after only four days I'm so close that I can feel his hot breath on my neck and his warm body under my hands as he chuckles

"I love you" he says.

that must make it true this is love.

maybe not.

he left with the weather just like the others I implore the heavy universe hanging over me beg it to show me what love really is why do I keep getting practice runs of the real deal

maybe love is running a bit late this time

maybe it wasn't supposed to come today or tomorrow but I have a feeling

this is only the beginning

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