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shinelikestars1 shy but ready to try
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geez maybe I need to lighten up a little.

counting bullets

by shinelikestars1


the thunderous noise echoes harshly in your eardrums after you feel an impact with the power of a moving train you look down

a hole.

A colossal, smoking crater is what you see when your blurry gaze fixes on your chest tears begin to sting your eyes it weeps

he was armed with everything you gave him

that secret you admitted you had never told anyone else reload. whenever you launched at him and wrapped your arms around his narrow torso. he hates hugs. he flinched fire.

maybe you even made him pull the trigger

maybe it was your own voice in his ear, your smaller body pressed up behind his on your tip toes and hissing, "Do it. Shoot her." you count each bullet you ever gave him

1, 2- You're on the ground and he spares no backward glance

choking on the acid that begins to fill your lungs perhaps it was you your eyelids begin to flutter and close you count

3,4- no.

gasping you fight for consciousness and use your shaky arms to push hard against the ground it wasn't you. slowly rising on wobbling legs you take a laboured step forward

5- You gather breath and bark at him to look at you

he doesn't. you slowly place one bloodied hand over the hole and notice it getting smaller it whispers that you will survive

you will survive.

you feel yourself getting stronger and you will your legs to walk away you count 5 4 3 2 1

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