When My Heart Broke Twice
When My Heart Broke Twice sad stories
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shinelikestars1 shy but ready to try
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the words branded my skull and stained my skin

When My Heart Broke Twice

by shinelikestars1

the first time my heart broke,

it was a saturday laying on my back thinking mindless thoughts I feel a vibration of slamming doors I slowly take one earbud out to the words "Just wait 'till I call a fucking lawyer!"

I take the other earbud out to the engine roaring to life in the garage and the car speeding away it felt as if the tire tracks embedded my skin and stole my breath

the ground suddenly split open under me

and I let my body sink down it was all I could do I clutch my stomach as the waves of nausea begin my very skin starts pulling back from my bones I weep soundlessly I want to disappear

the second time my heart broke,

it was 4 months in the future and he walked away I'll never know why whether it was his own will or the will of a hidden power I was stranded once again with my dangerous thoughts

if they leave you, they were never yours

isn't that how it goes? the sensation is almost familiar now mocking me because deep down I knew this would happen but I let it happen anyway his words branded my skull and stained my skin;

"She lost it after the divorce."

but here I still remain

I was given the task to rebuild myself back up again from rubble and here I am. I left my broken heart in the closet swept away the pieces and began to build

and build, and build,

and it was hell I launched cannons at my half-finished work more than once angry tears distorting my target but I finally rebuilt myself built an even better me than before

his words don't sing their deadly song to me anymore

they no longer haunt me I no longer shed tears at night for my parent's broken love I see now it was only being held together by masking tape all these years an art project that failed

I'm okay.

I'm here I can breathe and feel my feet on the ground gravity holds me here for now yes, I survived the calamity of when my heart broke twice

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