The Dawn -Shina Kashyap
The Dawn

-Shina Kashyap dawn stories

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The dawn is a literary piece depicting how sadness isn't always there to stay, at times happiness peeps in leaving it to diminish forever

The Dawn -Shina Kashyap

It had been long since we shared thoughts over a cup of coffee, Long since I wrote letters about myself to you, Even longer since I let my heavy dose of emotions flow out...

Let us talk today, About the last dawn which ruined me. Irresistible as always, it swallowed me. Had it been yet another day, I would have closed all my doors and windows, but this time it embraced me as it entered through the window left ajar.

I tried hard to shut myself up, With no hopes of eucatastrophe moments to knock my door. I tried hard not to let the dark night escape, I even tried everything I could But just like sadness cannot be stopped from entering your window, that dawn too made it's way that day

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