Guys need to heed this.
Guys need to heed this. conservatives stories

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stereotype men issue's, about objectification and problems associated with defending against it.

Guys need to heed this.

hey! there i believe this can be relatable to a lot of guys out there ,

i hang out with guys who are pretty old than me (i don't think that really matters but just in case)

so most of the guys probably know this , every guy group usually have this talk about girls , i mean on every girl

that is passing by them.

all of these guys rate every girl about their body how they suppose to look , how their parts can say a lot about them tons of such intrusive comments and total objectification i guess .

its like a guycode , like the guy who can make the worst content by entertaining others wins.

so as a guy you usually perpetuate this , we don't have much choice because this usually happens, because guys are brought up thinking they have all kind of freedom's,

inclusive of mortifying others without any concern.

, but usually this happens only as a group ,this seldom personally happens ,even with the one who makes the worst pun, personally ain't that worst.

so in an occasion i personally defended this i tried to stand against this disturbing comments and prejudice.

oh i almost forgot plus the play boy in the group who is capable of making a lot of relationship which is also called cheating will be the global idol in the group ,

because that's a talent(''kazhiv''), in his weird belief.

so yah! i defended , not just because its wrong because i can't personally stand this shit .

i must say i wasn't always like this, i usually let this happen i usually participated in this kinda shit before .

but when i figured myself out that i was turning into misogynist and also reading the plight of being a women i felt intense remorse ,

so i promised myself i'll never let some false belief to take control over my action.

so when i defended everyone i mean every single one of my friends shamed me

questioned me like ''are you a gay''?

" you ain't gonna fuck your women?"

"we are close if you ain't gonna fuk ur women"

"do you even masterbate?"

so ya it was pretty intense line of questioning , they think its all funny to be that rude above all it hurted me , demoralized and ostracized me,

from a group of friends who were suppose to support me. i understand from their part , their impulsivity followed by entertaining themself for fun, i get it.

but what they don't get is my endeavor to create my moral boundaries, my sense of self , my rational decisions which i build from reading a lot of stuff ,

when im providing all of this for them in order for them to understand that i can't stand there listening to all this bull shit , they just came up with something that is even more devastating,

devaluing and demoralizing me.

one thing that im pretty certain is never try to change these kind of abusive people's behavior , because it's impossible .

behaviors are habits which has some strong roots ,its better just take it as it is and understand the kinda people that you are being with,

never try to rationally argue with them because they are by nature impulsive to react anything different from their point of view with either arrogance or as a joke.

every guy group have this issue and there is always someone like me in a guy group .

so seclusion is the best choice rather than trying to change them .

it should be debated because its like an actual necessity as a guy to be always you know hit on girls , and make comments on their body ,

if you don't do this they'll call you name's like 'gay' or the kinda stuff that i said before.

obviously there are pretty neat guy groups who are not like this but always watch out for the one's like these.

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