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shiiii_ya how many hiatuses can i fit in a year
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we're particles of a comet

astronomically fated

we're particles of a comet soaring the darkest of skies crashing, colliding to this unknown planet

separated by Fate's hands we're lost and are finding the pieces we have lost scattered in these lands

when the lost are found when you see me again will you be the same? will i be the same?

we're pieces missing from completing into the same comet of astronomical wonder

when i see you again will we be together once more will we fit our pieces and our loneliness ceases?

hope will be my light you will be my strength being whole will be my motivation your pieces will be my prize

this poem will be my wishes my heart will be my shield from the infinite loneliness without you

we're made out of comets twinkling like stars made from astronomical madness crashing, colliding

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