Watching her leave
Watching her leave bond stories

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a real life story

Watching her leave

The room is deadly still, aside from the gentle whirring of the fan above my head. With every passing seconds, i can realize that my world is falling apart because i can see her going away knowing that she won’t come back again.

Life is a complete mystery because it keeps you guessing and you never know where it can take you. I left my hometown to pursue my master’s. Little did i knew, that the train journey will take me to the correct location but a different destination.

First two months of the college were gone in a brisk and during the induction presentation i saw her for the first time but didn’t noticed her properly. After the induction when we started attending the classes, i noticed her for the first time

Simple , beautiful and a cute looking girl busy talking to her group of friends. That first impression was enough to attract my attention. As days passed by, i started noticing her more and more and always wanted to talk to her.

One day she was sitting alone in front of me and i didn’t wanted to waste the opportunity. I started whining about the boring lecture which was not getting over. Though the so called boring lecture got over but our conversation started from there.Ultimately our bond grew stronger and stronger with each passing days.

“First love is only a little foolishness” I started avoiding her because of no reasons of her and our bond became weaker and weaker after that. I gave up the hope that she will even talk to me after such behavior of mine but first love is something that lasts forever in your heart.

As the college is coming to an end in few weeks, i can feel it now , that she is leaving.I always had multiple excuses to save myself from any kind of trouble but this time i don’t have any excuse to stop her from going. She is leaving and my world is falling apart but all i can do is stare blankly. I let her go because i know that she can do better , but i still wonder if i should’ve been better.

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