Yours Lovingly
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"...I loved you and you said you did too, then why did you leave...."

In which she finds an end. By LOSTGIRL

Yours Lovingly


You changed me, you brought out the shy girl

and twirled her in the middle of the dance floor, and now all I do is stare from the sidelines. You changed the way I used to look at myself, now all I do is glare.

Boys with tattoos, a cigarette in their hands,

their signature smirk and eyes that made girls fantasize at least they came with a warning attached to themselves. Dangerous and bold,

You were nothing like them; you had a warm smile,

Boys like that aren't supposed to break your heart, but you; you broke every stereotype and the rules set.

You were the golden boy, you were so perfect,

it felt like a beautiful illusion, one that you made believable enough for me to get in your trap and stay like a butterfly in its verge of developing

I could never fly no matter how hard I tried for my wings

were in your grip and you arlo had a smile on your lips.

You were my one true love, I didn't really believe I could live without you and look where we stand now. You six feet beneath the ground and I, weeping on your tombstone.

You were a cunning bastard, Arlo Washington,

you never let me in. You took away my pain and hardships; though you never told me yours. Your death was a betrayal to me; you broke our bond,

our promises of living forever together and on and on.

You slipped those pills, played one of your favorite songs, left a letter for everyone, but words don't fill the void you left, they never will.

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