Dear Arlo,
Dear Arlo, iwishyouknew stories

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"..boys like you aren't supposed to break hearts, arlo; yet you did...." By LOSTGIRL.

Dear Arlo,


Love enraptures us and then drowns us in its own blood.

I remember his tender touch, the way he eyed me, the way his laugh was the only melody to my ears. Most of all I remembered how he ripped me apart in the end.

A broken heart truly was a burden.

If so by luck and twist of fate you obtain love that could mend it, the fear of destruction would let you wander in the ruins of your broken self.

after all,

staying in the phase of gloominess and darkness is better than having the sun shine over your head only to bid it goodbye after some time.

The day I met you, is yet engraved in my memory;

Choosing the one you love, is never a choice. Lust and liking, it's all fun and games though the real catastrophe occurs with love.

Your long fingers continuously striking the guitar,

and then a voice; deeper than the silence of my life, angelic lips, I had whipped my head, from the corner of the seat.

I saw your eyes, I didn't know what color they were,

you were so far; but halfway I met your gaze, I wish I hadn't.

The stars are pretty, a one-word appreciation for them

because of my sudden detached soul; I don't feel much, the numbness in my bones is consuming the fear and anger, turning them into nothingness.

On those summer days, when your eyes met mine and

your hands would be tangled in my hair; I would just stare and wonder how could you ever be mine? I guess you never were.

Dear Arlo,

You were beautiful, dazzling and eye blinding; you had me in your lies, you had me so good.

You belonged to yourself, I was a fool to think otherwise.

Your skin was a plain paper, not marked or inked; I had decided that day, I would leave a mark on you, but you, you were not mine, to begin with.

I've always loved the words dangling from your lips,

the vibrant pink rushing through your pale skin, your eyes were always kind and hiding the truth. I wish I had seen it coming, I didn't see the truth you were hiding and that is my deepest regret

Discover the end in 'Yours lovingly,'

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